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Terms of accommodation

от Sergio Gareth

Technical requirements for materials placed in «Top Event Magazine»

 For a full-fledged layout with the help of our tools you need to provide:

— English text in doc format.

— Photographs in electronic form:  TIFF, JPEG, PNG.

* Photographs must be of high resolution. All photographic material sent to the editorial board from social networks or in low resolution is not suitable for work.

— Company or artist logo.

*The artist or music company must submit at least 10 high-quality photos to topeventmag@gmail.com.

*The artist or music company must submit interview responses or materials for the article in English no later than 5 days after communicating with the journalist or editor of the magazine to topeventmag@gmail.com.


* If an artist or music company fails to send photos or answers to questions on time, their material will be automatically canceled and will not be published in the magazine.

* If the photos sent by the artist or music company representative are of poor quality and insufficient quantity, their publication in the magazine will be canceled.

* If an artist or music company representative fails to send answers to questions in English, their news will be automatically excluded.