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Plastik Funk – I wouldn’t be able to do what I love without my fans

от Sergio Gareth
Plastik Funk Top Event Magazine 2022

Spanish and German native Plastik Funk is a renegade in modern electronic dance music that, while European DJs and producers continue to dominate and enchant, leads the way with an impressive collection of awards, mind-blowing energy and world-class releases to prove his status. He has an ever-increasing number of multimillion-dollar streaming tracks to his credit, including the UK charting “Dr. Who!” along with Tujamo and Sneakbo (6 million views on Spotify alone) and his recent collaboration with Australian sisters NERVO and Tim Morrison – “Dare Me” on the mighty Spinnin’ Records which has received over 5 million streams and continues to grow! Plastik Funk continues to bring its house sound to listeners around the world. Collaborating with elite artists like Timmy Trumpet and Alle Farben, or remixing artists like Robin Schulz, David Guetta or Robyn, Plastik Funk’s sound is all about the party. From club shows to the main stages of festivals, this is the kind of bass-hopping house style that never fails to light up the dance floor and send the crowd into pure hysterics. From the very beginning, Plastik Funk has been celebrated by dance kings such as Bob Sinclair, who invited Plastik Funk to join him at his ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) showcase, and none other than the late Avicii, who previously invited him to the stage of his Sunday residency in Ushuaia Ibiza, Plastik Funk has since proven that such high praise for his talent was justified. Playing on the main stages of the world’s biggest clubs World Club Dome and Ultra Europe, as well as playing rousing live sets at some of the biggest and most exciting events including Tomorrowland and Palookaville, Plastik Funk has also given rousing performances on headlining solo tours across Asia, Europe, North America and beyond. In 2019 alone, he played 195 shows in his DJ schedule that spans multiple continents, and his production work in 2020 has proven to be no less impressive.

Welcome to Top Event Magazine. What was the year 2021 like for you?

Thanks for having me! 2021 was challenging, but i can say we made the best out of a difficult situation. I was the first international & Top 100 DJ Artist who entered Vietnam in March 2021, after a 2-week quarantine in the hotel, i played an amazing tour with festivals and club shows all over Vietnam. When i was back in Europe I played a lot of festivals and big events all over Europe, so I’m really thankful i was one of the artists who was able to be on tour and on stage.

How did your music career start, and what do you think helped you become one of the best DJs in the world?

I started djing like a lot of young boys, in my bedroom. I saved every penny and bought turntables, then vinyl and records as much as possible. I started doing my first mix CDs for my friends and played some parties I organized with my crew, then school parties and then step by step, club promoters heard my mix CDs and started booking me to their clubs, where i made my name as a DJ in the Region. Around the same time, i started producing music with some friends and released my first tracks, leading to my first record label deal with Ministry of Sound, before my career really started to become more international and i worked hard on finding my Plastik Funk signature sound. With hard work and a lot of DJ Shows, I worked hard to make my way to where we are right now!

If we are not mistaken you are one of the Top 100 DJs in the world since 2019. How has your music career changed since then and what were your emotions when you realized you were in the top ranking?

Yes, in 2020 i made it for the first time into the DJ MAG Top 100 DJ’s Poll at #85 and it was just the craziest feeling ever! After so many years of touring, working and patience, it felt just unreal to be voted in by fans from all around the world into the Poll. In the same Night of the TOP 100 announcements we had more than 30 show requests from Asia, it was crazy! For a lot of people that just a voting or a number, but for me it felt like all the hard work brought me to that point and it gave me even more energy. In 2021 we even climbed to #80 of the world! I’m super thankful and happy to get this amazing support of so many fans all across the globe.

Has your perspective on work/life balance changed since you’ve been in the top 100 DJs?

Actually, it was the lockdown time which made me think a lot and helped me to get a better life/ work balance. In lockdown times, i learned to appreciate every show and every tour more than before. In 2019, i played around 180 shows, which gives you no time to think and realize or appreciate moments. After we were not allowed to work for so many months, it makes you think and appreciate what I was able to do as my career so much more and i tried to bring my life in a better balance. More time for creativity, more time for family events, more time for sport and quality time with friends. In the same time, I got much more productive creating music and working on new projects; I’m still trying to get better, but I made a big step in the right direction last year.

Do you plan to release any new music soon? And which of the tracks released by you, in your opinion, is the most successful?

I released a track every month of the year in 2021 and we plan to release even more music in 2022. The first releases are scheduled for January, February and March already and more are about to get signed. I released so much music during the last 20 years, it’s hard to say which one was the most successful one. But I can say my Collab with NERVO and Tim Morrison is definitely one of the most successful releases as it was big across international radio, on Spotify and also in the clubs/festivals.

Do you often work with artists on collaborations and remixing names including NERVO and Timmy Trumpet, David Guetta, Shaggy, deadmau5, Tujamo and others. What other famous artists have you wanted to do collaborations or remixes with? And what do you like about collaborations?

It’s great to combine different styles of music, to combine the way different producers are working on productions, so the result is most of the time amazing. But in 2022 there will be several solo releases again as well. For the future, i would like to collaborate with artists of other music genres and styles. I already started working with Country and Pop Songwriters and it opens so many creative doors, I’m very excited to finish these new productions and show everyone what is coming in this next chapter!

Are there rules about what you can and can’t do when it comes to remixing?

Most of the time labels or artists are requesting a remix, because they like your style. So i can say we always just went with the flow and tried to make a song sound like Plastik Funk gave it his touch.

A couple of years ago you started your own clothing line. Has that idea paid off? And are there any new lines panned for 2022.

It was a big step and a lot of work, but 100% worth it! Fans were asking for Merch for years and i wanted to create something Fans can wear, but also for people who have never heard of Plastik Funk before. So, I started to work with a young Fashion Designer crew and a cool company who already sponsored me with their shirt and we created something new. I’m really happy with the result and the feedback is amazing, we are adding new designs every now and then, so we are not working on a new line, we prefer to update this once in a while.

Are there any other interesting new projects you are working on that you can tell us about?

During Covid lockdowns i had way more time than normal, so i used this time to work on projects I always wanted to work on. Besides all the new Plastik Funk music, i started working on my underground project called CARRILO. I started with real House music and always played Tech House/ Underground sets here in Ibiza when i had the chance. I started to produce several tracks, created the brand and out of nothing there are many offers for tech house CARRILLO Sets now. My Plastik Funk Schedule is most of the time packed, so I’m adding after-hours and underground clubs in some cities and play an extra CARRILLO show sometimes. I did that in Tulum (Mexico), Kiev (Ukraine), Chicago (USA) and in Ibiza (Spain). I also started my own coffee brand with two friends of mine as a project we talked about for very long time and finally started. I’m proud to say my own coffee brand called MUSICA CAFFE is online and available in many stores in Germany & Austria.

You play all over the world. Where do you feel particularly good and feel good about your music? Name your favorite three places that you always want to go back to perform and what have you enjoyed about them?

I’m playing in so many different countries and so many places are beautiful that I want to come back to, I can’t choose at all!

Tell us about your favorite moment from your career?

I think it would have to be the fact that my fans enjoy my music and have supported me throughout my career, from the early days right up to now. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do as a career I love, with longevity in the industry, without my fans.

Looking back, what would you say is your biggest accomplishment past the TOP 100 in the World?

I think being re-voted back into the poll, and rising up in my numbered position, would be the latest thing – that and being able to release on some many amazing labels across the industry, that really lets me show off all the different genres and experiment with my sound. A little wish for 2022 to your fans and our readers from Plastik Funk
Thank you so much for all your support and I’m sending positive vibes to everyone as we enter into a new year – hopefully 2022 is better than ever and I cannot wait to bring you all along for the ride!

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