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Worakls Orchestra Top event magazin interview

Worakls is the best French project combining classical and electronic rhythms in its sound. The performances of Kevin Rodrigues and his orchestra create unforgettable emotions and win the hearts of millions.

Greetings Kevin!
Tell me, when did you realize that music is your vocation?

Hello ! I guess it was when I was at the university. I spent my time to write down ideas that i had to put it on the computer at night… and one day I just realized that I didn’t want to have another job than being a musician …

Your first track.  Tell about him…

I was 13 and it was a full piano track. I was going back to the synth after my parents were sleeping to continue composing at night. I remember that it was the first time I felt such a passion for music. 

Now classical and electronic music is intertwined in your music, this is quite unusual.  How did you get the idea to combine these musical genres?

I always loved classical and more generally orchestral music. As far as I remember I always admired Disney’s orchestral pieces and one of my first Cd was Pocahontas. I listened to the orchestral parts for hours… later I also really loved when there were this kind of combination like Metallica did ! So I thought why not ? Let’s try! 

What would you like to convey to the audience through your music?

I consider myself still learning and experimenting a lot but I would say that my goal is to do some kind of music that wouldn’t be labeled. I try to use the emotion and feelings of orchestral music and mix it with the energetic electronic music. 
Obviously, music is an important part of your life ...

If you could go back to talking to yourself early in your career, what would you say?

Honestly I don’t regret anything. I always did what my heart told me to do and I’m proud to look back and see that everything I did, was 100% sticking to what I believe in ! 
Do you have a favorite piece of music that you wrote?  Why?

I don’t ... actually I listen to quite a lot of very different genres and that makes me want to write very different pieces too ! I couldn’t compare a very emotional track with a banging one for exemple. So usually it’s the last I did ... in this case my favorite is “Storm” the track that we composed together with the amazing violinist Rusanda Panfili ! 

Of course, your live performances with the orchestra are something unrealistically cool.  How long does it take to prepare for such concerts?

Thank you so much ! It took me something like 6 months to write down the full show. Then we had 6 days of rehearsals and that was it ! I couldn’t say if the next show will take me that much time to write. Maybe it’ll be faster with the experience but maybe I’ll take the same amount of time to do something better ... I really don’t know ! In any case I’m never afraid to work, only the result is important ... 
Let's talk about touring.  Visiting many cities and countries with performances, the artist has favorite places where he wants to come again and again.  Tell us about them and why are they so unique to you?

I think I love to play everywhere ... I’m very lucky to have this job and really the best for me is the change ! To be able to see so many places is what I love the most. 

Due to the pandemic, most events in 2020 have been canceled.  Are you planning a tour in 2021?  And what's new expected next year?

Of course. My team and I are in the starting blocks and we long to start touring again ! I would love to come back with a brand new orchestra show ! 

Do you like to spend time on social networks?  What do fans usually write to you and what do you answer them?

Yes and no... in one hand, when i find myself scrolling and scrolling I really feel it’s a waste of time. But I have the bests fans in the world and they are so nice to me so we are having a lot of awesome moment together. I love to exchange with them it’s really heartwarming ! 

When you have free time, how do you spend it?

I do a lot of sports, I love skateboard, fitness and football. I also play video games and I’m a big art fan so I love to admire paintings, sculptures, fashion and whatever looks like art haha... 

The Christmas holidays are coming.  Was there an unusual story in your life related to the Christmas holidays?  Tell about her.

There was this year when I had the luck to spend it in a wonderful lodge in South Africa ! The whole thing was a reserve and they had zebras, giraffes, wildebeest and a lot of other animals ... we could just take a bike and be with them ! What a dream ! That just makes me want to come back touring even more ! 

What is the most unusual present you have ever received for Christmas.

Well, a Christmas wish for all fans and readers of the magazine.

I wish all very good health and I hope you will be safe ! Please take care and hopefully see you very soon on the road ! 

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