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PETER SCHUMANN Reveals New Album Details

от Sergio Gareth
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While at home on the road, he already seems to be in touch with everyone wherever he goes, weaving a network of soulful people around the world. One of the few things that calls him home from time to time is his Holzmarkt studio, located on the banks of the Kater River. It is here that his brainchild evolves from a simple hi-hat to full-fledged rave monsters. Peter Schumann translates his travel experiences into soundwaves – relentlessly: since his debut in 2002, a staggering twenty albums, EPs and singles have been released. And as long as the horizon continues to beckon, there is no end to his constant creativity. So remember: when you dance to Schumann’s music and it seems to take you to another place, you are actually creating a full circle, extending his journey from the physical to the metaphysical dimension.

How is the work on your new album going?

I have been intensively working on this topic for about a year and a half. After the introduction of restrictions in Germany, in the first half of 2020, I no longer had any reason to put it off until later 🙂 This will be a retrospective of my 25 years’ experience as a DJ, inspired by my many travels and places I have been to. I started working on some tracks quite a while ago and finished some of them very recently. At the moment, there is enough time to work in the studio, as there are very few concerts due to the pandemic. Of course, I hope this will change soon, but I try to use all my time as efficiently as possible. I hope to finish work on the new album by the end of summer and it will be released on our label Kiosk-I.D.

Will there be collaborations with other artists?

Yes, of course, but at the moment I can’t reveal too much as some projects aren’t ready yet. I have collaborated with many different producers in the past, and this will be the case this time as well. The past year has been a hiatus for the entire world of electronic music culture and I hope we can experience our culture together again soon. That’s why I try to work with as many different musicians as possible. This is so important; it holds our society together and gives people courage and confidence in these difficult times.

Let’s talk about trends in electronic music in Germany. What is fashionable now, what new can you note?

In recent years, the trend is more towards melodic techno and more relaxed slow tracks. It’s not necessarily my style, I prefer a more downsized one, sometimes dark and demanding, but also playful and trippy. As a DJ, it’s a challenge for me to tell a story through my music. That’s why I’m always looking for young talented artists, trying to promote them and give them a platform to express themselves musically. A lot of music today sounds pretty one-dimensional to me, and I’m trying to break that down and change it in my work.

We can’t get past the question about your tour schedule. Are you planning any tours in the near future?

At the beginning of March, I will again go on tour in Asia. Performances are scheduled in Mumbai, Bangalore, Nasik, Hyderabad, Goa, Dehli, Koh Phangan, Bangkok and Phuket. I have been on this tour for several years now and have met many good people and clubs. I’m also currently negotiating new shows in Australia and hopefully I can include them on my tour. In addition, I have a lot of concerts planned in Europe in the spring, and several separate festivals in the summer.

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