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Javi Colina: will be the headliner of the SUNKEYS FESTIVAL

от Sergio Gareth
Javi Colina Top Event Magazine 2021

Music is undoubtedly one of the elements that can cross borders, create new atmospheres and spaces and win the hearts of millions of fans around the world, especially if this music is played by Spanish DJ and producer Javi Colina. It is the benchmark for techno sound on the national and international stage.

During his career, he performed throughout all Spain. In addition, he annually becomes the headliner of significant events around the world. Unforgettable performances in the best clubs on the planet, such as: FLORIDA 135, ROW 14, FABRIK, CITY HALL, SONORA, ZUL, MYA, TROPICAL, VOLCANOIBIZA, SPACE, AMNESIA, PRIVILEGE, USHUAIA, BORA BORA, PACHA YEDEN and many others, for long years have imprinted his name in the history of electronic music culture.

Javi Colina tour continues. Having no time to return from the Dominican Republic, the Spanish producer is preparing for another tour. The artist’s schedule mentions countries such as Costa Rica and Colombia, and on New Year’s Eve he will perform in Chile. Many worthy works of authorship are being prepared for these events, as well as new music from F*Cking Sound Inside, which he owns. As for the performances themselves, it will be mainly known to many fans of high-quality electronics clubs in San Jose, Bogota Santiago and Antofagasta, as well as the SUNKEYS Festival.

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