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Haustronaut recordings

от Sergio Gareth
Motoe Haus Top Event Magazine 2021

The number seven is intriguing; from its constant use in positive affirmations, including the obvious lucky number seven to the way that things are divided such as seven days in the week or notes on a piano. There are also seven audible octaves within the sonic spectrum. Interestingly enough there are seven grand octaves across the perceivable spectrum in this universe including density, liquid, aromatic, sonic, visible, electromagnetic, and conscious. Each with seven octaves which each have seven notes.

It is only fitting that one of the most prolific and consistent underground electronic music labels in the galaxy is celebrating its seventh year here on earth. Haustronaut has accomplished quite an array of incredible content and experiences in many countries from their initial inception landing into Ibiza in the summer of 2014.

Whilst there, Haustronaut began their global release schedule with “Stagioni” by the imprints founder; the acclaimed international producer, DJ, & author – Motoe Haus. They organized a plethora of weekly live concept driven events at reputable Ibiza venues as well as currently ongoing weekly radio shows on Ibizaliveradio.com (and other stations). Over the past seven years, Haustronaut has accumulated close to 150 artists from almost 40 countries with close to 500 official releases and we are slated for weekly released music for the coming months into 2022.

Haustronaut has curated and organized events in Ibiza, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Miami, Vancouver, Tulum, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Mexico City. As well as in production of beautiful live artist video content in the spirit of cercle.

Haustronaut has partnered with a team of artists and Intl entrepreneurs to create a new event series in Los Angeles, Denver and Tulum entitled “CHÜRCH”, with the kickoff event in DTLA on November 7th 2021. This will be in conjunction with VÖRHAL, 5ivePoints and Lucyd Clothing.

With an entire ecosystem platform being created that will remain somewhat hush-hush until the initial public marketing push, we will be bringing you many NFTs and extended interactive content that will forever evolve and change the entertainment industry. We have an absolute adherence to Pythagorean mathematics and sonic geometry. This is an absolute conjunction with our shared vision and extensive plans for a beautiful and harmonic future that is not only sustainable yet includes potential profitability and growth support networks that will monetize previously unexplored scales two cover budgets and exponential ecosystems for artists.

Do not get it twisted. This is the way.

For more information as well as demo submission and all-around joyful inclusion, please go to www.haustronaut.com
@haustronaut @motoehausofc

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