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Music Key Records is a new Ibiza label based on a musical style ranging from Chicago House to Techno Detroit.

Tell us about the process of selecting artists for the label?

The choice of artists and songs for Music Key Records is not that easy, we get a lot of demos from many artists from all over the world and try to choose music that is close to what we want to convey to the listener.

All labels have their own specialization in certain musical directions. What kind of music do you work with?

We research and specialize in minimal deep and minimal deep tech.

What are the first 5 releases of the label?

Early releases of Music Key Records:
MK001 Revolution Vol.1 (various artists) 7 tracks.
MK002 Feeling (2 tracks) by Tyzack (UK)
MK003 Too Late (2 tracks) Maxi Burgos
MK004 Revolution Vol.2 (various producers) 6 tracks from authors from North and South America and Central Europe.
MK005 Existing (2 tracks) by Mareke.
I’d like to add this one – MK006 Lie To Me (Single Track) Franco Villaflor.

Who are the most famous artists that have worked with the label? How do you define the word success in your concept? And what producers can you be proud of?

We got a very good result from Franco Villaflor’s Release MK006 Lie To Me, reaching number 12 on the Global Minimal Deep Tech Chart and staying firmly in the top 15 for the following bands, and also at number 222 as a label.
This was our first big success, and we are proud of it because it pays off for the sacrifice and commitment of the entire team. We hope this achievement is good for our future releases as well.

What is the purpose of the label and what to expect from the label in the future?

The future is uncertain, but we are working on new projects and new collaborative efforts, bringing big names to Music Key Records, this is our goal.

What new releases are waiting for you in the near future?

We have selected some great tracks that we will publish shortly, there is a large selection, I am delighted with all of them at the moment, then I think the listeners will choose their own favorites.

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