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TIEFDRUCKGEBEAT is a German label headquartered in Berlin. The main genre is melodic Techno, from Downtempo to heavy melodic Techno. TIEFDRUCKGEBEAT was founded about 3 years ago by two label managers and music producers Robin Alef and Florian Süselbeck. We can now recall over 185 tracks from 30 producers and DJs from around the world that have earned us some of the best positions on the Beatport and Techno singles charts, as well as 2 million streams on Spotify. Thanks to TIEFDRUCKGEBEAT, established and promazising artists have the opportunity to exchange information intensively – with a unique and wide selection of electronic music, where quality always comes first. In addition, TIEFDRUCKGEBEAT organizes events, exhibitions and festivals in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Rhodes and many other places.

Tell us about the process of selecting artists for the label?

Our selection of tracks has changed a lot lately. In the beginning we worked with fellow producers, now we receive a lot of demo versions sent to us through various channels. We strive to offer a platform for talented newcomers as well as expand our own reach to established artists. But quality is always the deciding factor.

Demo evaluation and sometimes intense feedback interactions are also the responsibility of our A&R team (artists and repertoire).

All labels have their own specialization in certain musical directions. What genres does the label work with?

Each label, of course, is trying to develop its own sound. This makes sense for marketing reasons, both technical and idealistic, because people want to know what they can expect from us. However, we are influenced by many styles, especially thanks to our super disciplined team. In general, we can say that Melodic Techno is our style, but this broad term can range from Deep and Organic House to Peak Time Techno.

With Tiefe Brise, we recently founded our first Sub label for the (well known in Berlin) Downtempo genre. The first releases on Tiefe Brise will be from Tommy Hanso and Mangudai and will be out in the coming months.

What are the 5 best releases on the label?

  1. Modular21 – Brave New World EP.
  2. Gabriel di Pasqua – Pito Pata EP
  3. Qplex – Valencia
  4. Mangudai – X’Omega EP
  5. Qplex – Shout

Who are the most famous artists that have worked with the label? How do you define the word success in your concept? And what producers can you be proud of?

Of course, it’s always a great honor to work alongside established producers. But we are more proud of the artists who grew up with TIEFDRUCKGEBEAT. For example, Qplex, Gabriel, Di Pasqua, Mangudai and Modular21. The most famous producer we have been working with so far is Magdalena, sister of Solumun and co-founder of the very famous label Diynamic. In addition to her, we collaborated with Felix Raphael (eg Anjunadeep), Yannek Maunz (eg 3000 Grad), Lauren Mia (eg Anjunadeep) and Moritz Hofbauer (eg Fckn Serious). Lauren Mia’s remix on SKALA’s “Tau” is the most successful release on TIEFATDRUCKGE…

What does the label focus on and what can you expect from it in the future?

It would be easy to tell now what great releases are coming out in the near future, and that we also have big plans for 2021 in terms of organizing events, and that would not be a lie, but odd things are happening right now, especially in the international music industry. We all have no idea how 2021 will go, especially we do not know when and where events can take place again. This is why we at TIEFDRUCKGEBEAT have decided not only to support the label and its artists, but also to enter into partnerships outside of it. For example, we support the Fridays For Future international climate justice movement Fridays with an international series of events called Climate Live, or the non-profit association Rave for Good. Only those who stand together at this time can survive the crisis.

What new releases are you proud of?

Future releases are, of course, a big secret until all the finer details are resolved with complete confidence. In any case, we can say that there will be a lot of high-profile releases in 2021. Especially work with international artists will be in the foreground – Dubai, Los Angeles, London, Mexico City – no one is safe from us! New single from Qplex and Maurice Kaar called “Tell Me” definitely deserves to be mentioned. It will be released in February. After that TIEFDRUCKGEBEAT will be able to show off more and more of the female part of the team – with famous and new faces

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