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MUZA recodrs

от Sergio Gareth
MUZA recodrs Top Event Magazine 2021

MUZA is a conceptual music label from Russia, focused on high-quality electronic music in deep house, tech house, minimal, dub techno of all subgenres, consonant with these directions’ formats. We are always open for cooperation; Music is our strength!

Interview with the owner of the label Sergei Oblomov.

All labels have their own specialization in certain musical directions. What genres does the label work with? And how is it going nowadays?

We specialize in “straight kick”, practically all genres, all ramifications of house and techno music, but our priority is still deep house and minimal techno. How are things going? «Straight kick» always was, always is and always will be. People listen and will listen to house, techno and trance for years to come.

Tell us about the artist selection process for the label. What are the criteria for selecting artists and their works? What do young artists need to do in order to cooperate with you?

Everything is very simple, any artist can contact us, send us a demo, and if it is good, then he is “in the game”. In addition, we have simplified as much paper and legal red tape as possible, which many musicians hate so much. So, it is a pleasure to publish with us.

Of course, the music market changes every year. Point out positive and negative aspects of these changes. And what should be done in your opinion in order to improve the situation in this area of music companies activity?

The music market does not change globally every year. People «working» in this market are changing, but the market itself is stable and constant. The negative sides are that there are appearing many one-day labels, and the positive ones are – they disappear as quickly as they appear. To improve the market, you need to introduce some kind of filtering system of getting into the circle of labels, since one-day labels spoil the overall picture of the market, interfere with the development, first of all, of the musicians themselves.

How would you rate the quality of the material that many artists send to audition? Are there many offers coming in and what are main reasons of your refusal?

Our main criteria are Quality and Idea. We are part of the Sambit consortium, which has been on the publishing market for 20 years, so we have no problems with the material for a long time, all that remains is to select diamonds from all sent demos and carry them to the masses, to the delight of people around the world. The main thing in music is to give people emotions, music should touch the strings of the soul, no matter joy, hatred, fun or sadness, but leave a mark on the listener. If so, then the label is on the right track. Regarding the refusals: we try to keep them as small as possible, not to hurt the sensitive souls of the authors) We answer to everyone who sends, we try to help, indicating what needs to be completed, what to tighten in the track, and so on, and then everything is in the hands of the musician.

Besides publishing musical works, what else can your label offer the artist?

We are primarily engaged in publishing, delivering high-quality sound to the ears of listeners around the world, introducing artists to audiences all over the planet. We are not engaged in the «promotion» of artists, we are not a production center, we are not engaged in organizing concerts for musicians, we are not a booking agency. We look for cool music and bring it to people, in short.

What are the 3 best releases from the label? And what is their uniqueness in your opinion?

All the label’s releases are the best, otherwise what was the point of finding and releasing them all. The uniqueness of our releases begins already with the cover, since each cover is a separate art work of the artist, perhaps in the near future we will make, by the way, an exhibition of them in one of the galleries. Well, and the pearl is, of course, Music itself, everything for its sake. The cover should only intrigue, so that the listener pokes the play button, and then the track itself should show its power, beauty and energy.

What new releases are you proud of? And why…

We are proud of all our releases. Each of them has its own history, its own meaning, energy and its own message. Whatever the track may be, all the same at the time of writing, the author is all in it, inside the music, at this moment he is the Creator. And it is these moments that the author then shares with the whole world, bringing his spark to every heart, to every ear throughout the Earth, and we are helping to make it happen.

What are the most famous artists that have gone through the label? And what producers can you boast of?

We are part of a consortium that has been publishing music for over 20 years. We started with cassettes and disks, then it was mp3, vinyl, then the number went up, and you know, during this time hundreds of artists of all ranks have passed. And we are proud of all of them, their achievements, their successes, they are all known to us. Without shyness, we always brag about the producers we publish. Sometimes we even overpraise some of them and they are going crazy, but we do it purely out of great love for them, for their talent and love for Her Majesty Music.

What are the plans for the label for 2022?

Plans, like many years ago, are still the same – to search and release. All this takes a lot of time, strength and nerves, but the love for music is stronger, and we are not going to give up yet. A lot of releases are already planned, dates are reserved, waiting in line. Radio shows are broadcasted weekly. Well, we, taking this opportunity, invite everyone who writes music to get in touch with us, let’s get published! We have five labels in the consortium, so no matter in what style do you write electronic music, we will find where to publish it, remember the main thing – Idea and Quality! It’s easy to find us, it’s even easier to contact us. We wish our readers to love music and life will sparkle with new colors, all love and good luck! And we wish the magazine new heights, even greater audience coverage, and as we always say IN MUSIC OUR POWER✌ Until next time!

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