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F*cking Sound Inside

от Sergio Gareth

Interview with the owner of the Javi Colina label.

Each label specializes in certain musical directions, what genres does the label work with and what is the current situation with this kind of music?

We mainly work with tech house, although on compilations we combine some more aspects of this genre. But without a doubt what we’re looking for is a musical groove.
Tell us about the process of selecting artists for the label.

What criteria do you use to select artists and their work? What should young musicians do to work with you?

The truth is, our philosophy is very clear. We believe that “music is for sharing” and that is why there are many people in our team with their own special views. To some of them, something may appear gray, or it may appear green. For another, on the contrary, blue, or white. This is how we look at it. If an artist is worthy and shares our views, we offer him a place in the collection. Yes, for the release of the EP, which we do every 10 days, we are more careful and looking for the directions closest to the label – tech house & groove.

Of course, the music market changes every year, what are the positive and negative aspects of these changes? What do you think needs to be done to improve the situation for music companies?

I think all labels, artists and producers are moving forward in this situation. Music trends and tastes are changing, and those at the top of the wave are doing their best to keep their audiences and their markets alive. There are labels that have been pioneers over the years, and this is the result of good work and the ability to adapt to new trends.

How would you rate the quality of the material that many artists send to audition? How many offers come in and for what reasons do you have to refuse?

We have no idea how many emails we receive every day. In general, about 20/30 a day. We listen to everything and answer all questions. The reason for the refusal is simple: if the album does not include 40% of the label’s lineup, we cannot even allocate space for it in one of our selections.

Besides releasing music, what else does your label have to offer the artist?

We hosted an event in a pandemic and also offer a podcast from time to time. We like to offer a professional and thoughtful product, so we are gradually considering new goals and approaches.

What are your three best releases for the label and what makes them unique in your opinion?

I wouldn’t say they are the best, but they are the most visible. In January, we hit the TOP-1 in the AfroHouse genre with “Drizzle”, with “Smooth” – in the TOP-3 in the Tech House genre, and “Heart my song” reached the TOP-11 in the Tech House. More than unique, I think they are very much in line with what Javi Colina and Quoxx have been making over the years.

What new releases are you proud of and why?

Every day we work on new originals, so I am proud of what I do day after day and what I have to offer the world.

What are the most famous artists that have gone through the label?

There are such great producers as Dario Nuñez, Cris Ocaña, Cele, Wayne Madiedo, Fran Arés, Mark Negron, V-Lake, Santos García, Nicole Fiallo … and many others.

What are the label’s plans for 2022?

We are 1 year old. Now we have set ourselves the goal of continuing to work as a team side by side. In September 2022 we will celebrate the label’s birthday again and see what plans we have at F * cking Sound Inside.

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