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от Sergio Gareth
Strictly Records Top Event Magazine 2021

Interview with the owner of the Spanish label Chris Damon

Each label specializes in certain musical directions, what genres does the label work with and what is the current situation with this kind of music?

From the beginning, Strictly Records has been faithful to the sound of TechHouse. This is a style that is artistically represented by its creator and director Chris Damon. Fortunately, this style is in very good shape in terms of artists, events, fans and portal sales. Therefore, we believe that we are on the right track.

Tell us about the process of selecting artists for the label. What criteria do you use to select artists and their work? What should young musicians do to work with you?

The selection department is managed by Chris Damon and Pako Ramirez, who lead the A&R team and set guidelines. On our website www.strictlyrec.com, in the DEMOS section, there is a very simple submission system where every artist can contact us and show us their material.

We answer 100% of the artists who write to us and pay a lot of attention to each track. If he follows the line of our label, then he is invited to Strictly. If the track is good, we don’t care who it comes from – from an amateur or an already established performer.

We know that apart from the label, Strictly is also an event promoter.

Strictly Records actually started in 2013 as an event project, and only in 2014 we became a full-fledged label. Artists such as Andrea Oliva, Deborah de Luca, Nic Fanciulli, Francisco Allendes, Chelina Manuhutu, Umek, and many others have passed through our events. One of Strictly’s features is the Boiler concept, in which special booths, sometimes even with 3D technology, are placed in the center of the dance floor, so that the audience surrounds the artist and becomes part of the event.

How do you rate the quality of the material that many artists send to audition? Are there many offers, and what are the reasons for the refusal?

Well, we get a lot of offers, but a lot of the work is raw and unfinished. And from here we would like to give some advice to your amateur readers. Take your time and compare your work with the work of your favorite other producers. If you don’t sound like that yet, don’t try your luck with labels … you risk that they will stop paying attention to you in future releases.

Besides releasing music, what else does your label have to offer the artist?

We have a marketing department that takes care of every detail in Strictly … you can see it in every promotion, on our website or even in the look and feel of our networks, for example: www.instagram.com/strictlyrecords.

In addition to a very interesting promotional package, we send out releases through our database, which includes specialized media, radio stations and artists.

What are the three best releases for the label and what makes them unique in your opinion?

The three best selling releases on our label are:

Chris Damon & Pako Ramirez “Run the track” This was undoubtedly the track that kicked off Strictly, peaking at # 9 on the Rambler’s Top100 TechHouse on Beatport. It combines the groove and the more electronic sounds of modern Tech. Dario Nunez “Dam Dam Dam” A very electronic original and remix by Chris Damon, a very bright track that also burst into the Beatport Top. Omar Labastida “Kast” from Mexico City Omar surprised us with an original full of energy, including a remix by Chris Damon that peaked at # 19 on the Beatport Top.

What are the most famous artists that have gone through the label?

We have releases from artists such as Daniel Levak, Pako Ramirez, Vlada Assanin, Omar Labastida, Dario Nunez, Chris Damon … and the best is yet to come, in the next few weeks we will release the iconic Ibiza DJ Oliver!

What are the label’s plans for 2022?

Radio show Strictly Radio Show, it is broadcasting to half of the world, despite the fact that it was created recently.

We kick off the Strictly party season and visit Andalusia in Spain.

As for the label, we hope to continue contributing to the development of the electronic music scene by providing opportunities for young producers. And of course, we will continue to support the work of great artists who rely on us. 

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