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Audio Boutique

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Audio Boutique music label top Event Magazine 2021

Audio Boutique is an innovative label founded in 2007 that has become known for discovering some of the best artists of the Russian and European dance scene. The label has more than a hundred releases in the most actual styles of music. Progressive youth all over the world follow the development of the label and keep tracking all the new releases by Audio Boutique.

All labels have their own specialization in certain musical directions. What genres does the label work with? And how is it going nowadays?

The Audio Boutique was originally a drum & bass label, but later it became clear that many producers have tracks outside the main genre that they did not release, and then the idea of working in different directions of electronic music appeared. Things are going well in dance music, the pandemic has made its own adjustments, but the musical material is not diminishing, but vice versa.

Tell us about the artist selection process for the label. What are the criteria for selecting artists and their works? What do young artists need to do in order to cooperate with you?

The process of selecting artists for a label change over time, we try to give a chance to the young and do not forget about the already famous producers, someone comes to us himself, and we are looking for musicians listening to a lot of material. Selection criteria are good ideas, understanding of their goals in music, relevant and unusual sounding. We are open to cooperation, this is our direct responsibility and line of activity, you just need to contact us and send your tracks to soundcloud.com/audio-boutique.

Of course, the music market changes every year. Point out positive and negative aspects of these changes. And what should be done in your opinion in order to improve the situation in this area of music companies’ activity?

The music market and its basic operating algorithms do not change much, rather, changes are taking place in the media, transmission and access to music, all this directly depends on technology. Fast access is a positive factor, and regional restrictions are negative. In order to improve the situation in the music market, distributors and streaming services need to give more access to analytics and statistics for labels and artists.

How would you rate the quality of the material that many artists send to audition? Are there many offers coming in and what are main reasons of your refusal?

The quality of the material is very different, we try to pay attention first of all to the idea of the track, mixing and mastering we can always do in our studio. We receive several proposals a week, we refuse mainly because of an unfinished, not thought-out composition.

Besides publishing musical works, what else can your label offer the artist?

In the cycle of one release, we offer not only the publication on the label, but also full accompaniment and support, this is distribution to stylistic radio shows, advertising in music magazines and online stores, promotion to tops and playlists.

What are the 3 best releases from the label? And what is their uniqueness in your opinion?

The label’s fans will be able to name the three best releases of the label, we are grateful to all our artists and fans. First of all, our releases are unique because of the producers, but we, as guides, try to make them a cool business card in show business.

What new releases are you proud of? And why?

We are proud of all the releases, and we want to boast of the fresh release “Dub Moloch” from Dissident, Blasta and Vortex Involute. It is a unique combination of dub, drum & base and esotericism, amazing rhythm, dense bass line and an enveloping background.

What are the most famous artists that have gone through the label? And what producers can you boast of?

Valiant and already world-famous artists of the label are Ozma, Ivan Spell, Mashur, C.A.2K, Invisible Landscape, Dist HarD, HoT.

What are the plans for the label for 2022?

Next year we plan to please with new cool releases, tighten the selection of tracks a little, and improve the sound quality, follow the label’s news.

Dj ART Top Event Magazine 2021
Audio Boutique label owner
Artem Vlasin

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