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The top story of the first issue of Top Event magazine was an exclusive New Year’s interview with a beautiful and creative girl DJ from Portugal, Cristiana Pranto.

Greetings Christiana.
I think we start this interview with the question why you chose the DJing profession? (And who influenced your choice?) After all, many girls dream of singing, some want to become models…

Well, actually, I feel more that Djing chose me than the opposite (laugh).It happened very naturally… I had a program to mix music on the computer and my friends enjoyed to listen to me at home, so they started to suggest that I should make my debut in public, which eventually happened. When I realized, I was already doing it professionally.

You are an admirable person, in the short time since the beginning of your musical career you have managed to win the hearts of the public in Spain and Switzerland. If I’m not mistaken, it was 2014?

Yes, in mid-2014 I debuted outside Portugal. I didn’t feel much difference because the audience I was playing for was Portuguese, so I could only feel as comfortable as in my country. From then on, I started to want to project my career to a new level and the idea of ​​doing it internationally seduced me a lot.

In 2016 you began to conquer the earthly paradise of Ibiza. Now it’s 2021, how do you think you managed to conquer the island of eternal happiness?

My trip to Ibiza in 2016 was not scheduled, it happened unexpectedly, which led me to confirm that Destiny exists, because there would be no better place on Planet Earth for a DJ to go live, as you know. (laugh)After I was there, everything was happening very naturally and slowly, I started playing in small bars and a year later I was making my debut at Blue Marlin, one of the best spots on the island (I would even say it is one of the best in the world!) – invited by Eli Rojas, an excellent artist and one of my favourite people. At the moment I have some residences on the island, which I intend to keep for the next Summer seasons.

Besides performing at festivals and clubs, you have a lot of performances on radio stations in different European countries. One of them is IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO, which is known all over the world. Could you tell us about your emotions during your first performance at the radio station, because the difference of performing in front of an audience in a club is huge.

Playing at IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO was one of the best experiences I’ve lived. I thought I would be nervous but the truth is everything happened in a very pleasant and natural way. The fact that I was not playing for an audience that I could feel in person influenced mainly the way I did the preparation for that set, but I ended up finding that I feel equally comfortable, as long as I’m well prepared.A new session will soon be played on Miguel Garji’s Deep Fusion program.

This is a question I want to ask you as a professional musician, how would you characterize the music you write and play? What do you associate it with?

I think I can consider myself an eclectic DJ. Not because I mix styles, but because I play several at different events. From Soulful to Deep House, from House to Tech House and from there to Techno… I have a clear tendency for dense beats and fresh melodies, what leads the dancefloor to stay wide awake.

What are your plans for 2021? What can your fans around the world expect from you?

2021 is a year of debuts. It’s planned the launch of my first original, with Gabo Zandetti, my companion in one of the agencies for which I am represented (Soulsbeat, Argentina).I already have several events scheduled – from Dubai, Miami, to Ibiza, Germany, Argentina, etc., but the truth is that all events are on stand-by due to the pandemic times we are experiencing. Anyway, I have the agencies working hard to make 2021 a productive year. It’s a pleasure to work with Twenty-Six Agency (Spain), Soulsbeat, Decibel and Ibiza Fiestas.

Let’s move away from the work topic and talk about the Cristiana Pranto that is offstage and in the recording studio. The New Year’s holidays are coming up. What are your plans for Christmas? And how do you like to spend your holidays? With your family or partying with a big group of friends?

At Christmas I have a habit that I don’t intend to change – being with my family. It feels good to relax with the family and it feels equally good to relax by sharing music, energy and love with any audience. It depends on the moment and the context you are experiencing. The most original present I got for Christmas this year was the unexpected presence of a special person. What could be better than this? It seems to me this kind of thing translates the true Christmas spirit. It’s a kind of a magical event (laugh)

Do you have a special tradition when celebrating Christmas?

I don’t think I have a special tradition besides being with my family and some friends, if it’s possible. 

What would you wish all your fans and readers of our magazine for Christmas?

This year, more particularly, I wish you courage, serenity and wisdom. There are things we can change – so, let’s change them! There are things that we cannot change – so let’s just be calm enough to accept them. And I wish we have the wisdom to distinguish what we can from what we cannot change. Let’s be brave and believe these bad times will make us stronger, dancers!

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