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EXPERIMENTAL TV RADIO ® radio based on a true passion for quality music

от Sergio Gareth
EXPERIMENTAL TV RADIO top event magazine

New heading «On the air!» is dedicated to communication with representatives of radio stations around the world, during which we ask many questions concerning the radio station itself, new and already proven radio projects and further musical trends. In this magazine, we will talk to the founder of the Spanish online radio station ExperimentalTV Radio – Luis Pitti.

How did it all start? How did you get the idea to create ExperimentalTV?

Experimental Tv Radio was born in 2018. The idea appeared in my head several years ago, starting in 1998, when I reached a new life stage, that of cooperation and work at numerous radio stations around the world. That was what I always wanted to do then and now. My desire was to have my own radio station from where I could broadcast worldwide exclusive works and sessions of the best international, national and local DJs, as well as my own. After having a radio production course in Tenerife (89.4 fm) and a technical improvement course in Madrid (M-Frecuency), I couldn’t find a room for my own radio project and equip it to start broadcasting. Then I had to discuss the future look of the website and mobile application with a web designer, and finally, in mid-February 2018, ExperimentalTV Radio was launched 24/7 from the official website www.experimentaltvlive.com and the mobile application http://cort.as/- 9_aI and from more than thirty partner sites that already host ExperimentalTV Radio players.

In fact, ExperimentalTV Radio is an unusual name, who came up with the name, and why did you choose it?

Well, the name just came to my mind. Initially I named it “Experimental Radio”, but soon after that, I had the idea to render live intros right from the studio, and thus “ExperimentalTV Radio” was born. Since this is not just a radio station, but also a music portal, where, in addition to listening to our programs, you have the opportunity to enjoy the sets of our resident DJs, guest broadcasts, video sets, get acquainted with the weekly top charts, as well as receive links to listen to and buy music that we release on our six labels (Suma Records, WhoBear Records, ExperimentalTech Records, Oxygen House Music, Under Station Records and ExperimentalBass Records), watch exciting news related to music and access our online radio merchandising store.

In your opinion, can the project be called successful? And in general, what is success for you?

I really believe that being able to do and enjoy what you like and on top of that make many people happy is what I call a true success. In terms of the project, yes, I am very pleased with the worldwide recognition that ExperimentalTV Radio has received, starting with the application that already has nearly 1,000 downloads on Google play, as well as over 150,000 hits on the Internet last year. All this adds up to a significant number of potential and devoted listeners who have accompanied us during these three last years of a life that has radio to go on with! «We are a big family united by music.»

You have a lot of artists presenting their concept of music every day. What broadcasts are you proud of? And what famous artists have performed and are performing today.

My main goal in radio from the beginning has been and remains to support producers who deserve to be heard, whether they are known or unknown to the world. I continue to do this for all three past years. I have the unconditional support of the artists, music companies, and labels of the global electronic music who have relied on me and my project to broadcast their podcasts and programs on a daily basis. For example, among the podcasts on our air there are: Traxsource, Defected, Tocadisco, Roger Sanchez, Circoloco, Cevin Fisher, ClapTone, Low Steppa, Steve Lawler, Franky Rizardo, Kristian Nairn, Laidback Luke, Solardo, Giu-S, Sharam, Steve Lawler, Sebastien Leger and many others. At the same time, I have not told you about the many local artists who collaborate with the radio, since I could not name all of them due to lack of space in the interview. However, I am very grateful to all of them! To date, the broadcast program consists of more than 100 show programs, and we continue to expand.

To operate a radio station, you need to love all electronic dance music, without exception. But still, maybe you have a favorite style, and which one do you prefer to all others?

ExperimentalTV Radio mainly broadcasts electronic music in formats such as deep, house, tech, funky house, progressive house, melodic house & techno, deep tech, soulful, oldskool, hardcore, breaks, jungle, breakbeat, D&B, etc. I think that due to this presence of styles, the radio has received a lot of recognition among the audience that listens to us today.

Of course, many talented artists want to get on the air of the radio station. Do you have projects that make it possible to declare yourself to the masses? If so, how can such artists get on the air?

Sure we have! ExperimentalTV Radio actively supports famous or unknown talented artists from around the world. From Wednesday to Sunday we have a “Guest DJs” program where DJs and producers are playing every day for an hour and send us their sets to info@experimentaltvlive.com. We are always happy to support and serve as a springboard for new names in electronic music, there is so much to discover yet in this world!

Are there any restrictions on music formats?

As long as it is electronic music, it’s welcome! As I said before, we cover a vast majority of styles and sub-styles, and indeed any music that sounds good.

Cooperation. What projects (companies, labels, media) do you work with? What are the most famous ones, and tell us a little about how the collaboration is being done.

I could name a few like Defected Records, Stereo Productions, Traxsource, Sasha, Chicane, Kaiserdisco, Decibel Booking, Gabriel Ananda, Despega Tenerife, Oldskool Tenerife, Custom Slipmats, and recently with your great magazine, Top Event. In this cooperation, everything is mutually beneficial, we provide mutual support, so we become stronger and we will have more audience coverage. In life we have to help each other, and if we get two-way benefits in the form of cooperation, well, that’s of great importance!

Tell us what ExperimentalTV fans can expect this year. What interesting events are planned?

I sincerely assure you that I will continue to work hard to bring you the best music programs possible, with local, national and international artists, with good music, great sets and above all, a vibrant sound! May everything be good this 2021, we deserve it. I take this opportunity to thank all of our listeners for their support and for being with us. Also, of course, thank you for allowing me this interview. I hug everyone and wish you good health, never let music stop!

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