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MANUEL RIBECA: The beauty of music lies in its continuous development

от Sergio Gareth
Manuel Ribeca Top Event Magazine 2021

Let’s talk about your professional career. You are a popular DJ and producer in Italy who has achieved success at home and abroad. What is your success?

For me, real success is the opportunity to live off my great passion – music, as well as the opportunity to visit new places and get to know different cultures and people.

I believe that the real secret of the success I am making is my persistence in dedicating time, money and energy to music and whatever it takes to be creative in 360 degrees. Moving to Ibiza in 2016 was certainly an important step for my growth. when I really started thinking about long term goals, but above all about interacting with the best DJs and promoters in the world. This path of mine in certain international realities has made my production vision today much more professional and attention to detail.

You have many interesting musical achievements under your belt, what are you working on now? Will there be collaborations with other artists? And what collaborations with other producers have been the most significant for you and why?

From the first day of these last two years of the pandemic, I began to devote more time to performances, which I did not have before, when I traveled so much and spent so much time connecting with the people I needed in my work. Beyond the satisfaction of being supported by international DJs, I focused on creating synergies with aspiring artists to create something that truly represents me.

In 2021, I hit the Top 100 Beatport several times with releases on Flashmob Records, Reshape Black (Tech House chart) and a track for Musica & Magia various (Melodic House & Techno). The label Musica & Magia, Franchino and Zicky, who also take care of my Italian Booking with Gianluca Calderozzi. Musica & Magia will soon release an EP co-created with Shaman Records founder Giuseppe Fusco.

On 17/12 2021, together with my colleague Matteo Samori ’aka Mat.Theo, the track “Flashback” will be released on Under No Illusion.

In the new year I will release my extreme EP with my friends StathMos, young beginners in the melodic house and techno scene. Anyway, a lot of music will appear very soon.

Every year, electronic music takes on a new sound, long-known styles are mixed and presented to listeners in a new light. What do you think will be popular next year?

The beauty of music lies in its continuous development. More than the popularity of any one genre or style. I feel that because of what I hear and play with great artists every weekend, there is a growing desire to return to the music world again and again.

Whether it’s more house or techno depends a little on where you are and what club culture is behind it. I think the secret to success is experimenting with music that represents and differentiates us from other electronic musicians. However, next year, as in the last two years, Melodic House and Afro House will dominate other styles of electronic music even more.

You are also the organizer of some of the most exciting events in Ibiza, Italy and beyond. Tell us about them. And the question is, what interesting things are already possible in your plans for the near future?

When you live in a place like Ibiza, it’s amazing that people follow everything you do and how you do it. Over the years, I have been helping promising young people and other people to get the chance to play at least once on this island, desired by every DJ in the world. Over time, I realized that this should be done in a more productive and beneficial way for everyone, and I created the Privacy Ibiza Showcase project. This project allows Italian and international labels to promote their sound in Ibiza and through my channels to promote artists belonging to the same label. As for my near future, I am moving all dates to winter and summer 2022.

If we talk about foreign countries, then I will finally fulfill the goal of my first tour to Mexico and continue to work with Bora Bora Ibiza and Bora Bora Malta. In addition to this, together with the man who, at the age of 17, made me into the world of nightlife, we are creating series of events in various places that will combine electronic music with art and entertainment.

Let’s talk about touring. After the outbreak of the pandemic, many artists had problems with the touring schedule, but now everything is gradually improving. How are things going with the tour?

These were two very difficult years for all the people in the music business. I think that overall, this global stop has kind of made us think that we shouldn’t just keep looking at our individual goals as artists, but start to be a more united and recognized industry.

However, I have never lost heart and since this summer have gradually resumed my tour, which is now full.
I mentally project into the next few months, fingers crossed, will be full of big trips and big events that will allow me to return to play every week in different places and in the most important situations of the international club movement.

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