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This popular Spanish label is specializing in such music formats as Tech-house, minimal, groove music Label. DM2 Records is the benchmark for musical quality. Below is the interview with the founders of the label.

Tell us about the process of selecting artists for the label?

The selection process is simple, we choose tracks that we like and that match our style and our way of feeling music.

All labels have their own specialization in certain musical directions. What genres does the label work with?

Our style is tech house influenced by disco, funk, tribal, deep house. We’re looking for natural crisp sound and powerful bass at the same time.

What are the 5 best releases on the label?

  1. Muñoz Brothers, Armando Buendia – Mariachis (Original mix)
  2. Low Flow – Strong (Original mix)
  3. Low Flow – Rock’n Roll (Original mix)
  4. Giovanni (AR) – Can’t fake the feeling (Original mix)
  5. Muñoz Brothers, Low Flow – Fuck house (Original mix)

Who are the most famous artists that have worked with the label? How do you define the word success in your concept? And what producers can you be proud of?

During these 2 years of the label’s existence, we have worked with new Spanish and international producers. Let me give you some names: M Rodriguez, Giovanni AR or Sera de Villalta, De la Hoz, Low Flow, Muñoz Brothers, Alex Esteve, Eber Torres, Side B. Anyway, we are equally proud of each of our producers.

What does the label focus on and what can you expect from it in the future?

Our musical approach for the future will be to keep working in tech house, fueled by new ideas and experiences that are yet to meet us. We will also continue our daily work on improving the label’s music and sound quality to suit our tastes.

What new releases are you proud of?

We will have our first 2021 VA release in February or March, and we are very pleased to have producers supported by Marco Carola, wAFF, Paco Osuna or Neverdogs like Gustaff, Saul Antolin, Marlon C, Santiago Bejarano or Alejandre, with whom we are going to start a new era in the sound of DM2 Records.

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