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ARRAY is an Italian label based on the island of Sicily with huge support from both artists and fans. We are looking for high quality music to give you the best experience you can get with a label. Below is the interview with the manager of the Array Music label – Deebesh.

Tell us about the process for selecting producers for the label?

Team Array selects artists for a label in two ways. The first is based on our constant search for new talent, which we select with our entire team. The second way is to provide the opportunity for producers to send their demo tracks to the (hidden) email address. Each member of our team keeps track of the work that has come to the studio, after which we discuss and decide whether to publish this track on Array Music or not.

All labels have their own specialization in certain musical directions. What genres does your label work with?

Our label doesn’t focus on one genre. The main genres we deal with are Tech House and Deep minimal Tech. These two genres cover many different aspects, but we focus on finding the most unique artists who can deviate from the standard, representing as much of themselves and their emotions as possible. Our motto is “Let your emotions have a massage with us”.

What are the 5 best releases on the label?

Top 5 includes «Lick my Houseware» by Andre Salmon Kricked and Phineo, which also includes remixes from Mark Jenkyns, Poor Pay Rich and Daniele Travali. Another major release is «All I Need EP» by Dj Susio and Delos. «Talkin ‘Baby» by Doons. Other successful releases are El Rayo’s Milano Underground remixed by Jack Whitworth, and finally my latest Acid Poster EP remixed by Ben Murphy.

Who are the most famous artists that have worked with the label? How do you define the word success in your concept? And what producers can you be proud of?

The most famous artists who have worked with our label are Andre Salmon, Kricked, Phineo, Mark Jenkyns, Dj Susio, Daniele Travali, Doons, Ben Murphy, Jack Whitworth, each of them have had great sales success.

What is success? For us success means getting the first lines on Beatport and Traxsource. First of all, we are proud of the artists, members of the Deebesh label, Matteo Sodano and Angelo Vittorioso. We are also proud to sell “Aldebaran” by Ernesto Auter.

What does the label focus on and what can you expect from it in the future?

Array Music’s goal is to become a brand that can give people 360 degrees of music, using all possible options: live shows, track releases and streaming DJ sets. We also intend to reach as many audiences as possible in the near future. In fact, we are already planning a showcase and expect many new successful talents to join our label.

Which new releases are you proud of?

We are delighted with the OH EP from Ale De Tuglie, which will be available for preview from February 6th and on sale from February 20th. Another EP that we are very happy about is Catsinka’s EP «Rendez Vous»

What plans does the label have for the near future?

We’re planning a show when the covid ends, and we’re also going to have a remix competition for young talent pretty soon.

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