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Roca negra sunset club Top event magazine 2021

Interview with Alex Anconitano, owner of the network

“The best sunsets are on Tenerife, more precisely at the Roca Negra Sunset Club. Come and enjoy them while relaxing on our giant poufs and with the best cocktail offerings you can imagine.”

Greetings, Alessandro.
Tell us about Del Roca Negra.

Roca Negra is open every day of the week, from 15:00 to 00:00. ROCA NEGRA SUNSET CLUB is a chill-out restaurant with Dj with a ritual show at sunset, where you can listen to good music on a wonderful giant rock platform with the privilege of watching the best sunset on the island, having a good cocktail or trying good food. Based on my professional experience, I was a visionary, when I saw this wonderful place, where still nothing worked and not a single soul passed by, I wanted to connect it with CAFÉ DEL MAR DE IBIZA – a mythical place where you can enjoy the wonderful sunset in a naturalistic jungle setting with music / cocktails and good vibes. ROCA NEGRA became the founder of the first club out of many others we are working on. ROCA BLANCA BEACH CLUB TENERIFE will be born in December. The logo represents two people (man and woman) connected by hand and head (body, mind and love).

How was the summer season at the SUNSET CLUB? What was interesting?

We had a very successful summer season. The Sunset Club is always more attractive. It was very interesting show that we launched with dancers performing RITUAL SUNSET SHOW to the music of the great international DJ Jose Padilla. Every day of the week, everyone comes to the club for a unique experience that can only be experienced at ROCA NEGRA.

Are there different types of booking?

At ROCA NEGRA you can book a room in the chill-out area or in the restaurant area. And without booking in the area of the rocks.

Is it easy to get to Roca Negra?

ROCA NEGRA SUNSET CLUB admission is free. Price is what everyone wants to spend. Finding us is not easy, but very simple (look at the sun and it will lead you to heaven).

What audience is the SUNSET CLUB designed for?

ROCA NEGRA is a magical place for everyone. From children to the elderly.

What kind of parties does Roca Negra organize and what kind of music can you listen to?

ROCA NEGRA SUNSET CLUB has different DJ sets every day. A mix between the Budda bar in Paris and the Café del Mar in Ibiza. Only on Saturday live music and ritual show.

Let’s talk about the menu, both food and drink? What advice would you give to someone who heard about Del Roca Negra SUNSET CLUB for the first time and decided to visit it?

Mediterranean cuisine prepared from market products. From gourmet pizza to Galician steak or wonderful tuna tataki from our ocean. All products are always seasonal. From time to time we can count on renowned chef Walter Martino. High quality cocktails… our cocktail makers have a very high level of experience.

Many consider Del Roca Negra to be a unique paradise. What exactly makes your club unique?

We are famous for our ceramic plates between Chanel shoes and bags. Roca Negra is a unique paradise because we create it with love. with heart and with soul. The place is a mixture of nature and jungle. with a unique concept. Sunset with music is everything. A unique concept of the sunset ritual, a feast for the senses, during which you can contemplate the sunset, which will take your breath away. This is the Roca Negra Sunset Club.

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