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Breaking Bad Bar

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Breaking Bad Bar Top Event Magazine 2022

The legendary Sochi author’s bar on the seashore based on the cult TV series Breaking Bad. Interior in art-house style of chemical laboratory of Mr. Heisenberg, 2 floors. Open and closed terrace overlooking the coast. Two halls with their own bar, dance floor overlooking the sea. Mexican and European cuisine with a unique presentation of dishes. A rich bar list with author’s cocktails, as well as smoky and tasty hookahs. This time we visited Breaking Bad Bar to talk with art director Alexander Sukhochev aka SaShanti about this iconic place and the programs taking place within these walls. Greetings Alexander, welcome to Top Event Magazine. Tell us about Breaking Bad Bar. Breaking Bad Bar is a small and cozy place on the Black Sea coast, one of the few in Sochi that supports and popularizes the electronic music format. We have a very small dance floor, about two hundred people, and a beautiful terrace with amazing views of the sunset.

What kind of music do you focus on in the work of the club? Do you do experimental parties?

Mostly progressive house sounds on the dance floor and what is now called melodic techno and indie dance, but we are not shy about expanding the musical format. Serezha Sanchez’s house Thursdays were a great success, drum’n’bass with Groove and Dan, Anton Kubikov, Tripmastaz and Lena Popova played great classic techno sets. We are open to experiments in our electronic music laboratory, and most of them are successful.

Tell us about the residents of the club. Who are these people and how did they get on the team?

We have five residents, and each of them is unique in its own way. Mono K and Tila are the favorites of the public, mainly they form the current sound of the club. Alika dilutes the male group of residents with her feminine look at how music should be played, her sets are more house and electronic. Engver is a morning hero, as a rule, the dance floor is closed with his sets, and Zen Rocknrolla is an adherent of the underground old school. In general, the entire team of residents is like a glass of good, time-aged wine, in which you can catch a variety of notes and savor the aftertaste for a long time after each party.

What audience is Breaking Bad Bar intended for?

We are open to all lovers of electronic music, regardless of age or social status. The more diverse our guests are, the more interesting the parties are.

Let’s talk about the Breaking Bad Bar menu. What would you advise for visitors who came to your bar for the first time?

Without a doubt, take a look at the cocktail menu – our author’s mixes are created not only behind the turntables, but also behind the bar. The guys prepare their infusions, come up with new options for serving extreme cocktails, it’s even just nice to look at them when they are at work. It is worth noting the quality of our cuisine, despite the prevailing stereotype that food is not particularly needed in a club with electronic music, we pay a lot of attention to it. You will hardly find anywhere such a variety of tastes as in a menu specially designed for us.

How is your neighborhood with the many clubs and bars located near you? And what do you think is your high popularity among young people?

From the very beginning, we differ from the establishments surrounding us, first of all, by our principled position in the format of music, people come to us to listen to music, and not to order. Obviously, this explains our popularity, and not only among young people.

You keep the brand and bring in not only Russian, but also European artists. What iconic artist names have emerged in 2021 and which artists will be heard in 2022?

Last year, Worakls, MANDY, dOP, Phonique, Space Motion, Colyn played their sets in our small club… You can’t list them all, but you shouldn’t discard the iconic imports of the pillars of the Russian club scene – Fonarev, Groove, Kubikov, Izhevsky… In August 2021 the whole month we hosted the famous “Thursdays of Sanchez”. As for the line-ups for the upcoming year, it’s hard to name any specific names now, we follow the market situation and always try to bring the sound that is relevant at the moment.

As we know, you were a successful DJ in your time. Tell about yourself. What were you doing before you became the art director of Breaking Bad Bar?

I lived a third of my life in India, in Goa, where I was also involved in the club business, opened several successful projects, including the Soma Project. From October to April, we rocked on the beaches of the Arabian Sea, and in the summer, Soma Project showcases were successfully held throughout Europe – Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Holland. For four years in a row, we were participants in the Amsterdam Dance Event, and we organized our own stages at the largest festivals in India – Sunburn, Sula Fest, EVC. In parallel, I played a lot, periodically my releases came out.

Why did you decide to return?

At some point, I decided to move away from club life and music, focused on raising my daughter and returned to my second passion – writing. However, there are no former DJs, and the love of music will never disappear. In Sochi, I accidentally met the owner of Breaking Bad Bar and after a two-year break, I returned to Breaking Bad again. But now I manage to organically combine work in the club, come up with new scenarios and be an exemplary father.

What interesting things to expect in 2022 from Breaking Bad Bar?

In the new year, in addition to large deliveries, we plan to give people from different regions of Russia the opportunity to perform in Sochi, invite promotional groups from all over the country with their showcases. Undoubtedly, in the summer we want to go beyond the walls of the club, ahead of us are parties in the most unexpected places and with the most daring concepts.


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