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Kevin Vaya – became a resident of the parties “Techno on the street”

от Sergio Gareth
Kevin Vaya Top event magazine2021

The famous Spanish DJ and producer from Valencia, Kevin Vaya, took part in the popular underground parties «Techno on the street» and spoke about the imminent release of the long-awaited EP, which he is currently working on.

Kevin, tell us about Techno on the street. What are these parties?

Techno on the street is an unforgettable event that takes place mostly outdoors in the open air in Valencia. These parties have become quite popular among fans of high-quality electronic music. They manage to gather a large number of people on “Techno on the street”, therefore, many clubs and organizers refer to “Capos” Felipe Querol and Alessandro Fiore to organize more and more new parties. I have been working with them for quite short time, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a participant in such an event. I like to give people who came to «Techno on the street» my music, emotions and see happiness in their eyes. Really, it’s getting cool.

Besides the gigs, that you are working on an EP release. Can you tell us when the release will take place and how many tracks will it include?

The release date was October 29th. As for the EP itself, it consists of 2 tracks in the tech house format. I always try to give the tracks an individual touch, I really like modulating sounds during their progression, and I am sure that many connoisseurs of this musical style will appreciate them. The label on which it will be released is Remind Recordings.

How long ago did you start working on the EP? Describe your emotions embedded in it.

I cannot define the time spent on EP, as I work on inspiration every day. Sometimes it takes 3 months on a track, and sometimes 3 days. It depends on the moment. In fact, this particular album didn’t take a lot of time and I will finish working on it in the next few days.

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