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Mad Dog – Me and music are inseparable

от Sergio Gareth
mad dog 2021

Rap, reggae, ragga performer from Kingston Mad dog, spoke about moving to Russia, where he also began working in the genres: Drum & Bass and Jungle, as well as the imminent release of the album.

Career start and move to Russia

My love for music dates back to childhood. At my home in Jamaica, I was fond of rap, reggae, ragga styles and repeatedly performed in the ghetto and various parties. Everything went uphill, performances, recording new tracks, but I needed to get an education. Considering several options, my relatives chose an institute in Russia and so, I ended up in St. Petersburg. When I arrived to Russia,

I realized that everything, that I’ve been told about Russia is generally not true. I was well received in St. Petersburg, but the weather was just hard for me from the very first days. Another discomfort at that time, was the lack of knowledge of the Russian language. I could not come to the store and buy myself some things, because I didn’t know how to say it in Russian. After some time, I made a lot of good friends among the Russians. They helped me to adopt and things started getting better.

Return to the stage

Since my arrival to Russia, I have been constantly doing music in my room, writing lyrics for new tracks. One day, one of my new mates heard me and decided to introduce me to musicians and artists, and after meeting with them, I returned to the stage again, but this time in Russia. It was easy for me to win the hearts of young people, since I had a well-trained voice for rap, reggae, ragga styles, and knowledge of French, Patois, English, Italian and, of course, Russian, consolidated my success.

Discovering yourself in Drum and Bass & Jungle styles and touring

Performing in clubs and rap festivals gave me new emotions and acquaintances, in fact, that’s how I came to Drum & Bass and Jungle culture, which are spiritually close to me. Here I found not only new rhythms and acquaintances among DJs, but also the opportunity to develop and increase the number of my fans, especially because I listened to this music even before I went to Russia. At the moment, more than 5 tracks have been released in this style, among which I can point out «no ganja no music», «burn in Babylon», «Learn to live together». I don’t stop at this point and continue working. As for my performances, I continue to perform in Russia and Jamaica. Recently I received an offer to go on tour in Japan, but for now I have to postpone the trip due to restrictions related to Covid-19.

Album release

For three years already, I have been working on a new album «Album Title», which will include 7 tracks. This music will talk about timely themes that touch every person every day, namely: politics, corruption, and freedom. I am sure that the album will be exactly as I imagine it – emotional and intense, as well as sincere and even positive. I can’t say the exact timeline yet, but it will be around the beginning of next year.

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