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Lady Maru Top Event Magazine 2021

Lady Maru is an electronic producer and post-punk musician from Rome, currently based in Berlin. She started making music in 1994 with electric guitar, toy percussion and a tascam 4-track recorder. Her DJ career began in 2003 in clubs and underground raves, where she always tried to combine two influences: art punk and techno. Her actual sound as a producer and DJ is mainly based on acid techno with industrial and ebm influences. She recently became the owner of her own label Acid boiler in a coalition with Acid Tunes.

Releases and music production

For today and in the near future, I plan to release 2 full lengths of 8 tracks each, which will include more experimental dark electronics and some ebm tracks using more voice and lyrics, mixed with a couple of industrial techno at 145 bpm.

The reason is to combine my two influences: noise, post-punk on the dance floor. The first album is ready and will soon be released on the Spanish label Diffuse Reality, and the second in April 2022 on the American label Revok Record. I am planning on getting a couple of new devises to experiment more and see if Im able to make a complete dance live set. In the meantime, I play live, only in joint projects with my group, but not solo.

Performances and projects

If the Covid-19 pandemic does not create any obstacles, I plan to perform more, than I can. Now I will be playing in my hometown, in Rome next weekend in a cool little underground club where I have been playing for over 10 years – it will be almost after 2 years delay!!! Also, I will be performing in a traditional Roman club that was closed for 2 years due to the pandemic – so it will be a little emotional! Then, next weekend, I will return to Bologna to Tank, this is another very cool underground club with a great friendly atmosphere, where one wants to have fun all the way in the usual (for the Italian dance community) rhythm like before the pandemic!

In November I will come to the Berlin Suicide club on Golosa (a very good party for homosexuals) and hopefully again in northern Italy at the end of November (for the last 10 days I will work at the Milan art residence). Also, I hope December will be full of things to do for every DJ, I think it’s cool to do something to keep the mind busy with something over and over again!

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