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Luca Addante: announces upcoming release of two eps and collaboration with Ovidi Adlert

от Sergio Gareth
Luca Addante Top Event Magazine 2021

Luca Addante began his career back in 1997 at the age of 10. Attracted by the sound of percussion, he studied music and developed himself in a house direction. After 3 years, famous artists of Italy noted him for his worthy releases & achievements in the field of music production, and he received a console as a gift.

Thus began his journey of discovering new sounds in conjunction with hip-hop and minimal, with percussive rhythms combined with keyboard melodies. This inspired him to explore electronic music that intersects with techno, introducing grooves and vocals from the distant 90s, characterizing and highlighting every of his sets.

Many of his releases have appeared on world famous labels, including: Ahead Get Records – Gray Bar Hotel Records – Substrate Music – Klexos Records, No. Music – Pure Enjoyment – Decibel Music – Porky Records. He is currently the resident of Musica & Parole, a very important organization in Aplia.

So, there will be two EPs, both will be released on Decibel Music. The first is called Work On beat, the second is What the fuck. Both albums will consist of the original mix and two remixes. No dates have been set yet, but I think they will be out by the end of the year. This will be an EP with old school sounds and minimal grooves full of energy! So, with Ovidie we are working on an EP of four tracks, one of which is my original mix plus his remix, and one of his original mixes plus one of my remixes. It will be a very powerful EP, which will undoubtedly be released in 2022. I can’t tell you much yet …

I can only advise you to wait and expect everything! As for the Cannes festival called Marathon Electro, this will be my first event in France and I am very happy about this opportunity. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Virginie for organizing this event!

Along with me there will also be a wonderful artist Sasha Brimer, whom I really appreciate! There will be new, unreleased tracks that I will play at this festival, including one of Pink Floyd’s tracks – The Wall, which is my unreleased Re-Edit, I’m ready to rock!

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